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Adapter, Payment and Shipping Information

Adapter, Payment and Shipping FAQ: Welcome

We use SWIFT Telegraphic transfers for our online store payments.  This process is done by your bank, some banks require you to go into the bank, others will offter it with their online banking, it is similar to a local transfer except for transferring money to overseas bank accounts.

How are the X-Coils shipped?

Shipping Example

Adapter, Payment and Shipping FAQ: FAQ
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Z-7K Adapter

This is a photo of an adapter required for our Z-7K coils range.

The Z-7K coils require an adapter to run on your 7K detector, If you don’t have an adapter already one will need made by removing the end plug from your existing 14” or 19” coil and making an adapter out of it to allow your X-coils to plug in to your detector.  You can then put a standard plug end back onto your original coil so it can also be used off the adapter.We highly recommend you have your adapter professionally made by an electronics technician and in some countries can offer you details of technicians that can make an adapter for you, for example a technician in Australia has made a large number of adapters for our customers and we can provide our Australian customers his details.  Feel free to contact us for more information.The X-Coils for Pulse Induction (PI) detectors do not require an adapter to run on common Pulse Induction detectors although they have been discontinued.  The PI Coils will not work on any detector that is not a Pulse Induction and the Z7K coils will not work on a PI machine.

Z-7K Adapter
Adapter, Payment and Shipping FAQ: Image
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Adapter, Payment and Shipping FAQ: Image
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