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X-Coils Warranty Information.

All X-Coils are provided with a 12-month manufacturer warranty, this warranty starts from the purchase date of the product and is applicable to all sales worldwide purchased from our website.

The warranty covers only manufacturing faults, the warranty does not cover misuse of the product or physical damage caused to the product by the end user.

For your X-coil to perform well it must be treated with care and not be used in a way that will incur any sudden impact to the coil, avoid hitting rocks with force, a sudden impact may result in developing a noisy coil.

X-Coils at its sole discretion will determine the cause of the fault and decide whether it is a warranty issue or not.

Any modifications to the product may void all warranty.

The warranty is only applicable for the original owner, it cannot be transferred.

X-coils are not waterproof and should not be submerged in water, doing so will void your warranty.  They are rain proof and rain will not damage your coil.  If we inspect your coil and find it has been submerged in water your warranty will be void.

Many suspected faults with coils turn out not to be faults at all and can be resolved with settings changes.

Ensure your coil is tightly connected to your detector, a loose coil cable will cause stability issues and false signals.

Make sure your settings are suitable for the ground you’re detecting in, you can’t run in the highest sensitivity settings in many soil conditions, your settings need to suit your detecting environment.  X-Coils are very sensitive coils with their spiral windings, you may need to adjust settings accordingly for your soil conditions. 

Wet soil can cause extra noise especially in very mineralized soils.

Our coils have a return to manufacturer warranty, should you suspect you have a faulty coil and you’ve eliminated the possibly of the problems above please contact us to discuss your problem, often we can solve it by offering settings advice for the area you’re detecting in. 

If we need to inspect your coil as we believe it has developed a manufacturing fault, we may request you ship your coil to us to be checked, if we verify the fault, we will replace your coil if it meets the warranty terms and conditions.

Our warranty does not cover damage caused by your adapter for our Z-7K coils, an incorrectly wired or poorly made adapter can cause damage.  We highly recommend you have a professional electronics technician make your adapter for you.

Any obvious misuse of a coil such as physical damage, not using a skid plate or water submersion will void your warranty.